Saturday, August 10, 2013

Your Weekend Weather Forecast (8/10/13 - 8-11/13)

          This weekend will not continue the streak of rainy Saturday's. Today will likely feature dry weather all around the region with a few showers possible in the far south, for cities like Baltimore and Washington D.C., also overall Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and West Virginia, as well as Southern Ohio. But the majority of the heavier rainfall that has been going on in the south, as you may have heard about, will stay in the south. That's right, we don't need anything more that could possibly delay us, just leave that up to New York City traffic!

          The skies will be mainly blue with a little white mixed in earlier in the day, especially in New England, because of the exiting storm system. Now for your Sunday, well this may be the most boring forecast to ever read for the northeast in your lifetime, that's right this could even break the records for one of the most simple forecasts ever predicted! Sunny, and a few clouds on Sunday is expected with a minimal chance of rain, enough said! Ooh wait, we can't forget the temperatures, because with a weekend like this, they should be the only weather related concern on your mind.

           If you don't believe me right now when I'm saying this, just wait until later, in the afternoon and evening. Anyways the temperatures will be once again, ever so slightly above normal with lower 80's for Southern New England both days, and as you got further south, meaning anywhere from New York, to Philly, to Baltimore, expect middle to even upper 80's also of course on both your day today and tomorrow. As you go further inland, mainly lower 80's today with upper 70's for Sunday. Now it could be slightly cooler Sunday, just to say, but no major change.

           To say the least, this weekend is the most summer-like weekend left this year, no questions asked. You can't ask more out of mother nature if you wanted summer weather than 80's and almost completely sunny. That is generally the summary for what we are expected in terms of weather for the weekend. So everyone don't forget to stay tuned to Northeast Weather Action for the latest weather updates, forecasts, and outlooks. Thanks for reading and stay safe and don't forget to enjoy the last ad possible most ideal summer weekend of 2013!

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