Saturday, February 9, 2013

Wednesday - Wednesday Nght Snow

         As this monster storm is wrapping up we already have another storm but slightly further south and not as intense to look at for Wednesday. As far as the models go the GFS has constantly been panting this and the ECMWF is trending futher north. Now you could be reading this from a city in New England like Hamden, Connecticut, I am going to tell you this will not be much if any of an event for you. The timeline for this storm is from Wednesday through Wednesday night. Now the ECMWF doesen't really show much snow anywhere because of blocking over the Great Lakes. However the ECMWF ens. say the storm could be further north. Now the GFS puts heavy snow in southern Pennsylvania through the Pocono mountains. This is possible. The 18z GFS is like the ECMWF model but the 18z GFS is always terrible, without a doubt one of the worst models there are. However, the ECMWF models are beginning to trend further north. Also Accuweather even puts snow in it's forecast on Wednesday night from south central Pennsylvania to the Pocono's. Here is a preliminary forecast for Wednesday night area's snowfall. This map indacates where wintry precipitation is possible. This map does not include possible snowfall totals.


  1. how about me i live in southwestard of ohio is there any chance for me to get snow on Wednesday - Wednesday Nght.

  2. Yea you could see some snow, possibly 1 - 3 inches. There could be more but the closer you live to Cincinnati, the less snow you will mostlikely get. But if you live close to Dayton or Springfield, you could see 2 - 4 inches based off the ratio's. But overall around 2 inches in your area.


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