Monday, August 5, 2013

Do You Want Your Own Branch of Northeast Weather Action?

          Northeast Weather Action is now branching out to statewide coverage. This page Northeast Weather Action and our website, will not change at all, but statewide blogs possibly named like for example, "New York Weather Action," would be created! You the viewers would make the web pages/facebook pages using for the website hosters, Blogger or Wordpress, which are both free.           
          All you have to do is keep comment or message Northeast Weather Action saying you would like to create a statewide branch. If you did, you would need to keep the blog updated because it will get viewers so if you want it to be noticed, just maybe post on it once or twice a day, with occasionally missing a day, which would be fine.          
          So if you would like to cover your states weather by branching out with us, just feel free to comment below or message Northeast Weather Action over on facebook! Thank you for your time and it would be great if you were to help us out by taking you states branch. Have a great rest of your day and stay safe!

- Josh Adams (Northeast Weather Action Admin)

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