Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Today's Weather Forecast (8/7/13)

          Over the past few days, scattered showers have been around the region. These showers look to continue to be across the area in through the day today, with an increased chance of some showers after noon, especially in the southern tier of the region. You will need to bring your umbrella because the showers will likely be a little heavy, but no strong storms are expected until Thursday. In the northern part of the area, partly to mostly cloudy conditions is the weather forecast with some scattered showers possibly later in the day.

          Temperatures will generally be in the lower 70's in the extreme northern locations here in the northeast, or around Caribou. After that, the warmest temperatures will likely be found in Southern New England and Ohio, who will both top out in the lower 80's. This is overall you forecast for today, thanks for reading and stay tuned to Northeast Weather Action for the latest weather updates, forecasts, and outlooks. Stay safe and have a great rest of your day everyone!

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