Saturday, August 10, 2013

Your Weekend Weather Forecast (8/10/13 - 8-11/13)

          This weekend will not continue the streak of rainy Saturday's. Today will likely feature dry weather all around the region with a few showers possible in the far south, for cities like Baltimore and Washington D.C., also overall Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and West Virginia, as well as Southern Ohio. But the majority of the heavier rainfall that has been going on in the south, as you may have heard about, will stay in the south. That's right, we don't need anything more that could possibly delay us, just leave that up to New York City traffic!

          The skies will be mainly blue with a little white mixed in earlier in the day, especially in New England, because of the exiting storm system. Now for your Sunday, well this may be the most boring forecast to ever read for the northeast in your lifetime, that's right this could even break the records for one of the most simple forecasts ever predicted! Sunny, and a few clouds on Sunday is expected with a minimal chance of rain, enough said! Ooh wait, we can't forget the temperatures, because with a weekend like this, they should be the only weather related concern on your mind.

           If you don't believe me right now when I'm saying this, just wait until later, in the afternoon and evening. Anyways the temperatures will be once again, ever so slightly above normal with lower 80's for Southern New England both days, and as you got further south, meaning anywhere from New York, to Philly, to Baltimore, expect middle to even upper 80's also of course on both your day today and tomorrow. As you go further inland, mainly lower 80's today with upper 70's for Sunday. Now it could be slightly cooler Sunday, just to say, but no major change.

           To say the least, this weekend is the most summer-like weekend left this year, no questions asked. You can't ask more out of mother nature if you wanted summer weather than 80's and almost completely sunny. That is generally the summary for what we are expected in terms of weather for the weekend. So everyone don't forget to stay tuned to Northeast Weather Action for the latest weather updates, forecasts, and outlooks. Thanks for reading and stay safe and don't forget to enjoy the last ad possible most ideal summer weekend of 2013!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Long Range Lookout: Fall-Like Temperatures and A Wetter Pattern? Find Out!

          It's already almost the middle of August, if you didn't catch up with reality yet! Fall is almost here and the temperatures are getting ahead of themselves. With temperatures only topping out at the lower 80's and soon to only be the upper 70's you might as well say it's September outside. Areas in Northern New York and Northern New England are only getting to the upper 60's. So what is ahead for us and all of the US? Very good question for you to ask!

          It looks like the same weather precipitation is on the way. Temperatures could rise in about a week right before the fall right back down to the 70's and 60's. So it looks like you might as well jump into the pool right now to get used to the water, because it won't be going back up until next year. There really is no huge warm up in sight. So I am sorry but it looks like '13 summer is slowly disappearing. Now I am not saying I can promise you that, but that is what it sure looks like.

          But lets look at the precipitation side of things. Really it looks like the precipitation will continue to be above average with lows just coming and coming. Luckily they are not to strong. So the overall pattern is on the slightly below average temperatures and above average precipitation. Aahh, perfect for winter! Here is a graphic created to show the pattern over the next 10 days. Thanks for reading and stay tuned to Northeast Weather Action for the latest weather updates, forecasts, and outlooks. Have a great rest if your day and stay safe everyone!

Today's Weather Forecast (8/8/13)

          Today will most likely have the same overall weather conditions as yesterday. This is with the exception of the temperatures. But lets start with what we should expect in terms of weather today. Today will feature mostly cloudy skies region-wide with some showers and thunderstorms moving east across the area. If you are to get caught under one, it will likely pack a punch bringing a quick half inch to inch of rain in less than an hour. Really everywhere in the region has an ok chance of seeing showers and storms. Some storms could be on the stronger side with damaging winds as the main threat, with some isolated small hail. But these storms will likely move quick so they will not last that long as a result.

          Now lets talk about the temperatures side of things. Today will most likely hold for the first time in almost two weeks, above average temperatures! Which for some people is not the greatest thing to hear, but for others is a bit of a relief and reminds everyone it's still summer. Temperatures will top out in the middle 70's in the north to the middle - upper 80's in the south. Here is the future-cast radar at 5 PM. This is your weather forecast for today, thanks for reading and stay tuned to Northeast Weather action for the latest weather updates, forecasts, and outlooks. Thanks for your time and stay safe everyone!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tomorrow's Thunderstorm Expectations: Will You See Storms?

          Over the past month or two, I can't really remember the last time we even had an even moderate severe thunderstorm threat since maybe May. But this streak is to end because tomorrow will hold a threat of storms that will put some areas in a high threat on are exclusive severe weather threat graphic. Overall the whole region will have somewhat of a threat with the higher threats for strong thunderstorms mainly inland with the exception of Maine, but leaving out Northern Ohio.

          The main threats are damaging winds in excess of 60 mph and small hail as big as golf ball size hail, but that would likely be in Ohio and West Virginia. The risk of a tornado is pretty low and the probability of a tornado occurring anywhere here in the Northeast is about 5%. So tomorrow will be the first day in a while with a noticeable threat of t-storms. A few Severe Thunderstorm Watches are possible but likely no Tornado Watches will be issued tomorrow. The graphic showing tomorrow's severe thunderstorm threats for tomorrow is below. Thanks for reading, stay safe and have a great rest of your day!

Today's Weather Forecast (8/7/13)

          Over the past few days, scattered showers have been around the region. These showers look to continue to be across the area in through the day today, with an increased chance of some showers after noon, especially in the southern tier of the region. You will need to bring your umbrella because the showers will likely be a little heavy, but no strong storms are expected until Thursday. In the northern part of the area, partly to mostly cloudy conditions is the weather forecast with some scattered showers possibly later in the day.

          Temperatures will generally be in the lower 70's in the extreme northern locations here in the northeast, or around Caribou. After that, the warmest temperatures will likely be found in Southern New England and Ohio, who will both top out in the lower 80's. This is overall you forecast for today, thanks for reading and stay tuned to Northeast Weather Action for the latest weather updates, forecasts, and outlooks. Stay safe and have a great rest of your day everyone!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Two Week Weather Forecast (8/6/13) - 8/20/13)

I give you a detailed forecast for the weather that is expected for the next 2 weeks.

2013 Fall Weather Forecast

I take you through the expectations for this fall and give you reasoning for why I expect what I do. Don't Miss it!

Monday, August 5, 2013

The Week Ahead: The Rain Has Returned

          Over the past week or two, dry weather has mostly been the most common weather condition over the region. I am sure you remember the very rainy weeks about a month ago, so is that kind of weather back? It could be, and the rain this week will once again be widespread around the region with the lightest rain around Western New York. Overall a small system will move through Maryland and Delaware on Wednesday, with a stronger low moving though Northern Pennsylvania, Southern New York, and Northern New Jersey.

          After that, on Friday a system will move though the middle of the area and provide rain into New York and into New England. Overall you will need to keep an eye to the sky if you are having any outdoor events in the next week. Thanks for reading and here is the 7 Day Rainfall Forecast provided by the Weather Prediction Center. Have a great rest of your day and stay safe everyone!

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