Sunday, August 11, 2013

Monday - Wednesday Weather Forecast (8/12/13 - 8/14/13)

          This forecast is going to be short and to the point to start with. Generally on Monday, which could be tomorrow or today depending on when you read this, will feature mainly sunny skies with more clouds south with a possible shower south of New York City. Temperatures on Monday will be in the middle to upper 70's inland to lower 80's closer to the coast. Now of course the sea breeze will cool the immediate coast down. But that is the forecast for tomorrow, now lets get to Tuesday.

          Tuesday will be the wettest day of this short term, three day forecast. A low will effect the northeast with some showers and thunderstorms on Tuesday with mainly cloudy skies across the region. Temperatures on Tuesday will likely be in the 70's mostly with a few lower 80's on Tuesday. So really you should just pretty much expect around the same temperatures both Monday as well as Tuesday.

          Last but not least, here is the forecast for Wednesday. We will likely have a mixed bag on Wednesday. Temperatures should be cooler in Ohio, New York, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Highs in those states should only top out in the upper 60's to middle 70's with possibly upper 70's in Philly, but besides that is will be cooler than normal. In New Jersey, Delaware, and New England, temperatures should top out in the upper 70's, with obviously cooler temperatures in Northern Maine.

          But really temperatures will be more below average more in the states that mainly don't touch the ocean. Weather on Wednesday should be mainly sunny, with a few clouds possible anywhere. Also, just to note mountain locations in any state will likely be in the middle 60's to low 70's, depending on elevation. So that's a wrap to your three day forecast, thanks for reading. Don't forget to stay tuned to Northeast Weather Action for the latest weather updates, forecast, and outlooks. Stay safe and have a great rest of your day!

P.S. - Normal Posting will resume on Wednesday Night.

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