Saturday, February 9, 2013

Wednesday - Wednesday Nght Snow

         As this monster storm is wrapping up we already have another storm but slightly further south and not as intense to look at for Wednesday. As far as the models go the GFS has constantly been panting this and the ECMWF is trending futher north. Now you could be reading this from a city in New England like Hamden, Connecticut, I am going to tell you this will not be much if any of an event for you. The timeline for this storm is from Wednesday through Wednesday night. Now the ECMWF doesen't really show much snow anywhere because of blocking over the Great Lakes. However the ECMWF ens. say the storm could be further north. Now the GFS puts heavy snow in southern Pennsylvania through the Pocono mountains. This is possible. The 18z GFS is like the ECMWF model but the 18z GFS is always terrible, without a doubt one of the worst models there are. However, the ECMWF models are beginning to trend further north. Also Accuweather even puts snow in it's forecast on Wednesday night from south central Pennsylvania to the Pocono's. Here is a preliminary forecast for Wednesday night area's snowfall. This map indacates where wintry precipitation is possible. This map does not include possible snowfall totals.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Friday Storm Snowfall Totals Preliminary Forecast

Snow Further South for Friday?

          With this whole storm in general, I bet you guys in Pennsylvania and central as well as western New York are probably like, What the heck? I thought this was early February, not mid. March! This storm looked to be an all New England storm with rain back in the more inland states. Well, suprise, the models are trending colder all of the sudden. We will have to see what other models like the 12z euro says about snow further south but the 00z euro gave big snow further south. Keep in mind it's Wednesday, if these models keep on to continue to grow colder and colder futher south. This model you are about to see will be a joke. But this is maybe just a start towards heavier snows south. Here is the latest 00z euro and it shows snow a lot furhter south, also add 2 - 4 inches on what ever this model says because of the false ratio!
Here it is!

Pennsylvania and Surrounding Area's Futurecast Radar

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Monster Friday Storm Coming! WEATHER EMERGENCY

         I know you have already seen this is on networks like TWC but this thing is definitely for real, snow everywhere, especially New England with this bomb. This storm will come up the coast and bomb over the sea surface anomaly off of the Del - Mar - Va and off of Long Iland. This storm is for real and the first big snowstorm it seems like in years. This storm slam everywhere in the northeast but apsalutely wreck southern and central New Rngland with historic snows possibly. This storm storm will come into New England about 1 pm Friday and end in the evening of Saturday. Looking at these models, it looks like this could be the biggest storm in history, and there will be very strong winds. This is just incredible. Here are some euro images on this storm, and now other models are catching this storm.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Strong Clipper Tomorrow - Tuesday

          As most of us from New York to West Virginia saw about 1 to 3 inches with higher amounts in the mountains from this previous weak clipper system, they just keep on coming. We will have a scattered clipper tonight meaning area's that catch intense bands could receive 2 to 4 inches, meanwhile some backyards might not catch any bands and receive nothing, right now most bands are located in the mountains. We will have another clipper system, this time stronger, come through the area tomorrow night into the morning hours of Tuesday, this could be a little bit more impacting also, next the higher mountains and ridge tops could see a foot because of better ratios coming from colder conditions. After that, this snow will not be as fluffy and easy to shovel, in fact, the snow yesterday and even today depending on elevation could be brushed off the drive way, this snow should be slightly less fluffy, but not very wet, as temperatures across most of Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, New York, western Virginia and central and northern Maryland should be at the highest, 30 degrees. But it is likely temperatures in central and western Pennsylvania, as well as New York and West Virginia will be in the 20's. Here is a snowfall totals prediction map for this strong clipper, be sure to read on after the map.

          Now as you can see, this looks like a pretty big snowstorm, which it could be, also as you can see, there is still some uncertainty with this event. Now I know the local stations are not saying this is some places and the NWS is only saying "light snow, chance of snow 40%" is because of the uncertainty is some locations. This map is based off good short range models, like the NAM models. There will be impacts from travel on this and some business's could be closed, as well as schools in area's where heavy snow and even the 2 to 5 inch range is. Keep here for updates on this strong clipper and other upcoming weather events. Stay safe and I will see you in the next update which should come soon.

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