Thursday, August 8, 2013

Today's Weather Forecast (8/8/13)

          Today will most likely have the same overall weather conditions as yesterday. This is with the exception of the temperatures. But lets start with what we should expect in terms of weather today. Today will feature mostly cloudy skies region-wide with some showers and thunderstorms moving east across the area. If you are to get caught under one, it will likely pack a punch bringing a quick half inch to inch of rain in less than an hour. Really everywhere in the region has an ok chance of seeing showers and storms. Some storms could be on the stronger side with damaging winds as the main threat, with some isolated small hail. But these storms will likely move quick so they will not last that long as a result.

          Now lets talk about the temperatures side of things. Today will most likely hold for the first time in almost two weeks, above average temperatures! Which for some people is not the greatest thing to hear, but for others is a bit of a relief and reminds everyone it's still summer. Temperatures will top out in the middle 70's in the north to the middle - upper 80's in the south. Here is the future-cast radar at 5 PM. This is your weather forecast for today, thanks for reading and stay tuned to Northeast Weather action for the latest weather updates, forecasts, and outlooks. Thanks for your time and stay safe everyone!

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