Monday, August 5, 2013

The Week Ahead: The Rain Has Returned

          Over the past week or two, dry weather has mostly been the most common weather condition over the region. I am sure you remember the very rainy weeks about a month ago, so is that kind of weather back? It could be, and the rain this week will once again be widespread around the region with the lightest rain around Western New York. Overall a small system will move through Maryland and Delaware on Wednesday, with a stronger low moving though Northern Pennsylvania, Southern New York, and Northern New Jersey.

          After that, on Friday a system will move though the middle of the area and provide rain into New York and into New England. Overall you will need to keep an eye to the sky if you are having any outdoor events in the next week. Thanks for reading and here is the 7 Day Rainfall Forecast provided by the Weather Prediction Center. Have a great rest of your day and stay safe everyone!

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