Wednesday, July 3, 2013

10 Day Weather Outlooks (Temperatures and Precipitation)

          Over the next 10 days, we here in the northeast will experience generally the same old pattern we have already been seeing. Generally above average temperatures throughout the northeast excluding Maine. After that, slightly above average precipitation, or rain will fall in the region with above average precipitation from Central and Western Pennsylvania, and to the south of those areas.

          So lets go a little more into detail instead of saying just plain rain. It looks like scattered thunderstorms will continue to be upon us as well as up and down the East Coast. There could be a few strong storms on hotter days like Thursday and through the weekend, into next week. But overall we shouldn't expect much of any severe thunderstorms in the next 10 days.

          Now here are the exact expected temperatures in the next week and a half, rather than just saying above average. We expect to be around the 90 degree mark starting Thursday and likely lasting through the next several days from Washington D.C. to Philadelphia to possibly as far north as New York and Boston. But for the Appalachians, all of Ohio, and Upstate New York as well as the Poconos of Northeastern Pennsylvania, middle to upper 80's is what they should expect in those regions.

          Lastly areas in Northern New England will see upper 70's to lower 80's as highs. So this is the general description of weather on the way in the next 10 days here in the northeast United States. If you would like to look at what the rest of the country will likely be seeing in terms of temperatures and precipitation in the next week and a half, there are maps below. Thanks for reading and as always stay tuned to Northeast Weather Action for the latest weather forecasts and updates! Have a great day and stay safe everyone!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Latest 4th Of July Fireworks Forecasts Are Out!

          As we inch closer and closer to the 4th Of July, we now have a very good idea of what the weather will likely be this year. So will you show be ruined, it depends where you are. If you plan to attend a fireworks show anywhere from Charleston, West Virginia to Pittsburgh, PA, to Buffalo, New York, you could run into some rain showers. Anywhere else outside of those areas should just expect hit or miss t-storms for the day on Thursday with things likely clearing out just in time for sunset.

          Now lets switch to the temperatures for Thursday. Temperatures will likely be in the 70's and 80's. But that is during the day on Thursday, at sunset temperatures will likely be around 5 degrees colder than that. So when you look at this map, these are the daytime high temperatures, so to determine the forecast temperatures at around 9:00, just take about 5 - 8 degrees off and you know. So here are the detailed maps for temperatures and weather conditions for Thursday. As always stay tuned to Northeast Weather Action for the latest forecasts and updates. Have a great and safe rest of your day!

The Heat Almost Here! But Just How Hot?

          I take you though a few models and express my thoughts on the coming heat wave. Don't forget to LIKE Northeast Weather Action.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Will The Rain Ever Stop? Find Out!

          Will the rain ever stop, a question being asked by many people across the East Coast as storm after storm continues to dump rain on the region. But do we have an answer to that question that many people will enjoy, unfortunately not. What looks most likely, the next 10 days scattered thunderstorms will continue to sit on the region. Now this does not necessarily mean rainy times all day every day. When scattered thunderstorms are in the forecast, on the day of scattered storms, clouds and possibly sun with a few storms will be around, not all day rain. Ok now that is the next 10 days, so what is after that?

          This is the part of this article I know you will not love to hear at all. In the next 8 or 10 through 14 days, above average precipitation will yet again be centered over the region, likely bringing more significant rainfall events across the region. After that, which is about two weeks from now, it's looking like things will finally get back to normal, which is very hard to believe. So this is the summary of precipitation coming to our area in the next 14 or even 21 days. Have a great day and I will leave you with the 8 - 14 day precipitation outlook.

Warm Or Cool Temperatures On The Way? Find Out!

              I take you through a few weather models we use here at Northeast Weather Action to predict the upcoming weather. See just how hot things will get and don't forget to LIKE Northeast Weather Action on facebook!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Your Updated Fireworks Forecast

          Overall, it is looking like some firework shows around the extreme northern locations of our region could be put on hold. Other than that, a few isolated showers or thunderstorms could be around the region. Here is the updated fireworks forecast for your 4th of July! Have a great day and stay tuned to Northeast Weather Action!

New Rainfall Forecast For Upcoming Week: Flooding Possible

          One after another, rainstorms are expected to impact the northeast this upcoming week. All 7 days will likely include a high chance of rainfall in and around our area. After that, in the southern regions of the commonwealth here in the northeast, scattered storms are expected that could be on the stronger side, so be alert for any watches or warnings issued for your area. Further more, the threat for flooding remains more alive than normal due to the past significant rainstorms that pounded isolated areas with close to 7 inches of rain!

          But exactly how much rain will your area be receiving, well that is a good question with a wide range of answers. First of all, we expect anywhere from 1 - 2 inches of rain in Western and Northern Upstate New York, through the Northern Maine commonwealth. Next, a good 2 - 3 inches of rain is looking to fall in the next 7 days anywhere from Northwestern Pennsylvania, through Central New York, then running through the heart of New England. Also another area that will see 2 - 3 inches of rain is looking to be the coastal regions of the Northeast Corridor, and also into the bulk of Ohio.

          Now lets get into the good stuff, well it could be bad stuff depending on if you have any outside plans; hint hint fireworks. Anywhere from 3 to 4 inches of rain looks prominent across most off Southern New Hampshire and Vermont, also including the majority of Massachusetts. Proceeding on, Central Pennsylvania and Eastern Virginia look to be planning for around 3 to as much as 4 inches of rain. Last but certainly not least, regions from D.C, up into Eastern Pennsylvania, as well as Eastern New York and even Berkshire County, Massachusetts. So this is the general summary of the overall rainfall amounts we expect here in the Northeast U.S., going off the hpc's expected rain totals.

          If you want to see what I am based off of, here is the exact forecast map as of around midnight on Sunday, June 30th. For the reasons in flooding, be sure to stay tuned into Northeast Weather Action and our facebook page, Northeast Weather Action. Thanks for reading our new forecast and have a great and safe week!

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