Monday, July 22, 2013

10 Day Weather Outlooks (Temperatures and Precipitation)

          Over the next 10 days of weather, the northeast will likely be split from state to state. In New England, above average precipitation, being rain will make for a wet time. Now you may ask, in just what way will you or they see the rainfall? Mostly scattered thunderstorms with possibly some rain bands embedded in the area. Some flash flooding could occur in areas that receive storm and storm, or what is called training. This meaning storms train over the same area for an extended period of time.

          But besides the New England region, the rest of the northeast corridor will see average rainfall. Once again the majority of rain will be from scattered thunderstorms. Continuing on with the rainfall forecast, about 1 - 2 inch of rain will fall in the next 10 days, obviously depending on if you are to catch a heavy thunderstorm. The summary is, precipitation will be around average except for New England and this summer will not continue to be as wet as it once was.

          Now lets look at the temperatures side of things. Overall the everywhere in the northeast excluding Maine will have slightly below normal temperatures. This meaning nothing to the extent of cold but just a little cooler than where it should be this time of year. Next, cities including Buffalo, Erie, and Cleveland will see plainly below normal temperatures, which is just a little more cool the just slightly below average.  As far as the numbers, if you are in the slightly below average range, that means in the next 10 days you will be anywhere from 1 to 2 degrees below normal.

          Next if you are in the below average area, your temperatures will likely range from 2 - 4 degrees below where they should be. So to summarize the temperatures the majority of the northeast, meaning everywhere but Maine will be cooler than normal. Thanks for reading our 10 day weather outlooks and if you would like to see the full 10 Day US Outlook Maps, they are provided below. Stay tuned to Northeast Weather Action for the latest forecasts, updates, and everything related to northeast weather action, have a great and safe day!

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