Friday, June 28, 2013

Will There Be Severe T-Storms Tomorrow? Find Out!

          The past several days have been filled with threats for strong to severe thunderstorms. So will tomorrow be the same kind of thing? Well it really depends on where you exactly live. If you are in Ohio or New York, you don't need to be concerned, but if you are located in Eastern PA, most of New Jersey and on the central and western part of the Del-Mar-Va, you run into some small problems. This area is where some storms could turn on the strong side, so just keep an eye on the radar tomorrow! Also keep in mind of the flash flood threat because we have has lots of rain and a little to much in some places. Here is tomorrows severe thunderstorm forecast.  Be sure to stay tuned in to Northeast Weather Action for the latest weather forecasts and updates, have a great Friday night!


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