Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 2nd Tropical Update

          As most of us know, yesterday was the official start of the 2013 Hurricane Season. Well can you guess what we have, possible tropical development! Former Tropical Storm Babara moved through central Mexico and into the southeast Gulf of Mexico. It could possibly into a tropical storm sometime late this week. The models show this storm organizing into a system that could be tropical, which makes possible landfall just north of Tampa, FL. Significant rains are likely to fall no matter what with this system makes landfall but believe it or not, this storm could have an impact on our region.
          It is possible that this storm could ride up the east coast and impact coastal areas with heavy rain here in the northeast. The National Hurricane Center gives this system a 10% chance of developing into a organized tropical depression or storm in the next two days, but like I said this system will not likely develop in the next 48 hours. Now here is the track that this storm could take before running off the Mid-Atlantic coastline and the estimated precipitation amounts with this system.

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