Monday, June 3, 2013

Get Ready, A Much Needed Cool Down Is On It's Way!

          After near record high temperatures with the extreme heat that we encountered with from the middle part of last week, up until yesterday, a relief is on the way. A front passed through the region yesterday night, causing thunderstorms to flare, but behind that front is much needed late spring-like temperatures. Now don't be fooled, it will not be cold, but more of a slightly below normal to just a below normal pattern will set up. The highs and lows will likely be moderating throughout this period. Highs will be very different, depending on where you are in the northeast. It looks like from New England, through northern Ohio will be the coldest. This cool down will last from today - about two weeks or more from now, so it will be sticking around.

          You keep on reading how this is going to be a cool down, well it won't be too big, but just enough to maybe keep you out of the pool in some spots. Temperatures will drop 3 to as much as 10 degrees below normal. The most noticeable time frame in the cool down will be from June 6th - 8th. This is when highs could only be in the 60's from Syracuse to Hartford, with highs in the low to mid 70's from Philly to D.C.. This is during the 6th - 9th, but after that, it appears as though widespread low 70's - low 80's will cover the area. Here is the most recent euro model that shows the highs on June 8th, followed by the 6 - 10 Day Temperature Outlook from the Storm Prediction Center.

          As you can see, highs will be not summer like at all, but more spring like. After that, according to the Climate Prediction Center, the coldest temperatures will be in northwestern Ohio, and the below normal temperatures in the next 6 - 10 days will mainly be confined to as far east as central PA and central New York. But like I said, this will be the coldest period of the cool conditions, as things could start to warm up around June 10th. Next, you can see some above normal temperatures that are in the west, and possibly moving our way in about two weeks from now. Here is a model showing the forecast highs for June 10th, being followed by the 8 - 14 Day Temperature Outlook from the CPC.

          As you can see, some warmer conditions are being indicated to be in our region by June 10th. But as you also see, the outlook forecasts below normal temperatures in our area in the next 8 - 14 days, meaning about 2 - 5 degrees below normal from your average high. So really, there is still some disagreement, but summer is not even here yet, so don't be worried. But what I really wanted to say is, this cool air will not be very significant! Thanks for reading and keep tuned into Northeast Weather Action for the latest updates on this forecast and many other weather events!

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