Monday, May 27, 2013

Updated Tuesday - Wednesday Severe Threats

          As for last week when we had a three day long severe weather outbreak with tornadoes here in the northeast, this severe weather event will not be nearly as intense or as widespread as the severe weather last week. Like I said, as supposed to last weeks severe event, models have this event being a mainly southern New York state, south event. This is mainly because of the temperatures and cloud cover, causing the cape and instability to not be favorable for severe thunderstorms to flare up across areas like New England and Syracuse, New York, north on Tuesday. Now there is one area in and around the Ohio Great Lakes region, connecting the the Midwest severe weather that will be more significant, causing the forecast to have that area. So overall Tuesday will not be the biggest day we have ever seen, as will Wednesday not be. Here is Tuesday's Severe Threat index, then the updated Storm Prediction Center probabilities forecast, followed be a future radar model from the 00z NAM run.

          Now really, the same information applies for Wednesday, everything except the heat! On Wednesday, the heat will be turned on, as will many people will turn the AC on. On Wednesday, the thunderstorms will be scattered and very isolated across the area. Although, the threat really moves to the New Jersey and New England area because as does the majority of the precipitation. Below is the Wednesday's Severe Threat Index forecast. Thanks for reading and tune into Northeast Weather Action for weather forecast, predictions, and much more weather related information, thank you!

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