Monday, May 27, 2013

Will It Be Cold Or Warm After Heat Wave? Find Out!

          I have talked and posted a lot about the heat wave that s coming from the middle of this week through Sunday, but never talked spoke about what is coming after the heat. Well it looks like summer - like temperatures will continue after this event. I am mainly using the models to be able to say this information because they are all very confident that temperatures after the heat wave will remain 5 - 10 degrees above average. The main reason the reason this heat wave will end is because of a cold front that will pass through the region next Monday. But going back to how I use the models, for example one model I like to use is the GFS, so here is a model I selected from the GFS which shows temperatures 204 hours out, which is next Tuesday afternoon, after the heat wave ends.

          Now as you can clearly see, the summer warmth will not fully exit. Temperatures will likely stay in the 70's from Maine to Massachusetts, and then from Connecticut south, the low 80's could hang around. Temperatures this time of year should be anywhere from the high 70's in southern Pennsylvania to the low 70's in southern New Hampshire. So overall, the GFS has the temperatures staying around 5 degrees above average. Now here is a ECMWF model, which shows a slightly different situation setting up after the heat wave.

          Really, the 12Z euro shows around average to even slightly below average temperatures after the heat wave. This particular model shows temperatures at the height of the day on June 6th. But temperatures on the euro are not the much cooler. To summarize the euro, temperatures will stay around average after the heat wave, and then the confidence after about June 6th in temperatures go down. The last thing I wanted to show is the Climate Prediction Center's 8 - 14 day temperature outlook, here is their forecast.

          With the CPC's forecast, they have almost the whole nation in above average temperatures, but the farthest above normal temperatures are expected to be located in the northeast. So the warmth will certainly not leave after the heat wave does on Sunday. Thanks for reading and be sure to tune into Northeast Weather Action to keep updated on this event and many other weather forecasts and outlooks that come out, stay safe!

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