Saturday, February 16, 2013

Monday Night - Tuesday Night Wintry Event

          As I briefly talked about in my long range lookout yesterday, it looks like there will certainly be a wintry event coming this Tuesday. This storm will be centered around Ontario Canada but have a large moisture shield spreading all of the way to around Ocean City, Maryland. Overall this storm will move ENE in Canada and spread moisture into Ohio, Michigan, western Pennsylvania, and western New York late Monday afternoon as most likely all snow. After that the moisture will move into central Pennsylvania and central New York, like Syracuse, New York, this will be in the late evening hours of Monday, around or just before midnight. This will be all snow with possibly, this is not very likely but in some area's could be sleet to start, but it should be all snow with temperatures in these regions being in the 20's. After that the moisture from the low moving ENE will spread into eastern Pennsylvania, eastern New York, New Jersey, and extreme interior New England late Monday night as all snow with some sleet of rain mixed in around coastal New Jersey and New York City. Also by this time, which will be at about 6 AM, the precipitation type will likely switch to a snow/sleet mix in Ohio, eastern Michigan, western New York, and western Pennsylvania, but higher elevations above 1000 feet should still be snow at this time. Also around 8 AM in the morning on Tuesday, the precipitation type should switch to mostly rain, with a slight chance of freezing rain, but mostly rain across central and eastern Pennsylvania, as well as elevations below 1200 feet upstate New York and Pennsylvania. Also at this time it will switch to rain across m most of New Jersey. But the precipitation should still be snow across the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania, really area's above 1200 feet should be all snow until around noon, when it should change over to a mix across northeast Pennsylvania and the Catskill mountains. After that interior New England will be snowing until around 10 AM, when it will change over to a mix, possibly rain in elevations lower then 500 feet and snow in elevations above 500 feet across interior New England. Now as far as coastal area's of New England, it should be mostly rain with some mix on Tuesday night. But overall this will not be much of a large snowfall event. Here is a map of my predictions on the precipitation type in our northeast United States region.

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