Friday, February 15, 2013

Long Range Lookout

          As we look towards next week and in general the next 10 days,  it seems as though we have a lot of snow coming at us here in the northeast. So overall we know this storm that's going on and developing now across West Virginia and Pennsylvania. This low will move up the coast and possibly produce significant amounts of snow in New England.  But there looks to be a mixed storm on Monday night to Wednesday night. It  looks like mainly a rain event for southern Pennsylvania and as you get further north into northern Pennsylvania and southern New York, as well as northern New Jersey but not New York City. They will remain mostly rain. Now when you get into New England the temperatures will be slightly colder so in coastal area's of New England it will be a rain / mix, and then in interior New England probably a mix / snow event. The snowfall totals don't look all that impressive, but this is only one of the three or four possible events.

          Now we will get to the next storm event. There is a chance of a storm at the end of next week, specifically next Friday there could a storm that comes that takes more of a clipper track coming across southern Ohio and West Virginia and then moving off the Virginia coast, then moving northeast up the coast off the coast of New England. This event could be big or could be small, different models show different intensities for this storm but the same general track. This storm could produce significant snowfall from Washington DC to Portland Maine. As far as the temperatures, they should be cold enough except for possibly Baltimore and DC. This is only a possibility but it has been indicated on the models for a long time now. After, but if this event is still being indicated on the models by Tuesday, we will most likely have something on our hands, and just to say, this event is not just being shown on a few models, its being shown on literally every single model there is. So know lets go on to yet two more possible storms that will likely be all snow across all area's in the northeast despite what the models read at this point, so hear is some information on these two storms.

          Just to start here, I want you to take this information your about to read because these events are around 8 - 10 days out but look interesting at this point, but nothing is even close out of these tow storms to being carved in stone. So lets start with the possible next weekend Sunday storm. This storm as a far out glimpse but as we have learned so far this season, just because the models show a storm this far out doesn't mean it even has a 60 % chance of happening, but it is being showed on about half of the models. So this storm will take around the same track as the Friday possible storm. This storm looks to be pretty good for two Sundays from now, possible closer to the cost because of the negative NAO. Here is  a model from the 12z model for next Sundays storm.

          Now as you can see there are two separate lows that should fade around New Jersey. The thing is the models have this storm going out to sea off of New Jersey but personally I think this storm will just move up the coast once again because of the negative NAO. But there is certainly still a lot of uncertainty with the exact track of these lows. Also the temperatures but they will most likely be cold enough to snow everywhere, but if it's colder, that means more snow compared to if the temperature is at freezing during this possible storm. Now lets get to the last possible storm. This storm looks that it could go up the coast and that is one low, the other on is around the Great Lakes. This storm looks just as good as the possible Sunday event I just talked about. In general around the same temperatures and precipitation amounts. Overall here is the 12z euro snowfall accumulation totals through Monday at 7 AM of 10 days from now. These totals could be higher because this model doesn't show the Friday storm as strong as this model doesn't have these storms going up the coast, but they probably will if they occur, so don't worry New England.

          As you can see, there is definitely lots of snow possibly heading our way but this is still far out. But overall, winter is not over so go back to your house Phil, Spring is not hear yet. So I will continue to inform you about the latest developments like the models depictions on these possible events and other weather events across our northeast area.

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  1. it looks like i will be get 9 inches of snow from this storm on thursday or friday next week or more i live in southwestard ohio i looks like im going have to get my seft prepare for those major snowstorms


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