Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Today Into Tonights Snowfall Totals Final Forecast

          To start I just want say this forecast will be similar to the first one I had but I don't expect to see 6 - 10 inches anywhere, the models have really back off a major snowstorm but now it's just a matter of "now casting", which is looking at the radar and the movement of this storm and predict the temperatures and radar image at a certain time. So this snow will be very wet and sloppy, probably not  sticking to anything at least in South Central Pennsylvania until 8 PM, Southeast Pennsylvania 10 PM and Southern New Jersey 11 PM. Overall this will not be a big event, just another light snow event across the common wealth of southern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey, as well as the Appalachians.  Here is my final snowfall totals forecast for today - tonight. These totals could go up where heavy bands setup, which will drop the temperature and produce heavier snow.

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  1. Josh. I think your area will get 1-2 in. More for the NJ Coast. Also, why don't you forecast on an leaving it for Karl and Mark? Just doesn't feel the same. Great forecast right there.


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