Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Snow Further South for Friday?

          With this whole storm in general, I bet you guys in Pennsylvania and central as well as western New York are probably like, What the heck? I thought this was early February, not mid. March! This storm looked to be an all New England storm with rain back in the more inland states. Well, suprise, the models are trending colder all of the sudden. We will have to see what other models like the 12z euro says about snow further south but the 00z euro gave big snow further south. Keep in mind it's Wednesday, if these models keep on to continue to grow colder and colder futher south. This model you are about to see will be a joke. But this is maybe just a start towards heavier snows south. Here is the latest 00z euro and it shows snow a lot furhter south, also add 2 - 4 inches on what ever this model says because of the false ratio!
Here it is!

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