Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Monster Friday Storm Coming! WEATHER EMERGENCY

         I know you have already seen this is on networks like TWC but this thing is definitely for real, snow everywhere, especially New England with this bomb. This storm will come up the coast and bomb over the sea surface anomaly off of the Del - Mar - Va and off of Long Iland. This storm is for real and the first big snowstorm it seems like in years. This storm slam everywhere in the northeast but apsalutely wreck southern and central New Rngland with historic snows possibly. This storm storm will come into New England about 1 pm Friday and end in the evening of Saturday. Looking at these models, it looks like this could be the biggest storm in history, and there will be very strong winds. This is just incredible. Here are some euro images on this storm, and now other models are catching this storm.

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