Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October 2013 Weather Forecast (Temperatures & Precipitation)

          As apposed to the abnormally dry conditions in the month of September (last month), this month should be slightly different. So lets get started with the temperature expectation. In the beginning of the month into the middle, above average temperatures should be anticipated cause by a large ridge, that will stay in place for the long term. But as for the end of the month, we expect cooler weather conditions to arrive, and are not quite yet ruling out that late October Snowstorm that we are used to seeing, for the past couple years. So to summarize the month, overall warmer conditions will rule with cooler conditions late. So with that said, here is our October 2013 Temperature Forecast.

          Now lets get back to the precipitation side of things. This October, near normal rainfall is on tap. But that could all be changed with one major rainstorm, which we could possibly have, so see that article involving that. But otherwise, there is not much to talk about, and we will see what plays out. This was your October 2013 Weather Forecast, thanks for reading and stay safe everyone!

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