Saturday, October 5, 2013

Wet Weather on the Way for the Northeast, and How Much? Find Out!

          Over the past several months, the weather conditions have been on the dry side, with the abnormally dry conditions that have been spreading across the area on the drought monitor, is any improvement of the way? Well actually, there is quite a bit of rainfall that will arrive late tomorrow, though Monday, and into the first half of Tuesday. But before we get on that situation, lets go back and take a look at the current drought monitor.

          As you can see, the majority of abnormally dry conditions have been in the southern, central, and eastern parts of the area. But enough of that, lets return to the upcoming rain topic. So where is this rainfall being produced from. First, there is a cold front traveling across the Ohio Valley right, now and will produce heavy rainfall along the frontal boundary. This will also arrive at nearly the same time as the remnants of Karen. Although the track of Karen is far south of the area, the cold front will funnel up the moisture into the southern parts of the region. Here is the 72 Hour Rainfall Totals Projection.

          As you can see, the heaviest rainfall will be in the western, and central parts of the northeast, with a little gap in the middle where there could be a lull in precipitation when there is rainfall on either sides of those locations, but not in that region. As you head east, a little less rainfall is expected because the rainfall from the cold front will not have as much coverage when it eventually meets the New England, Eastern New Jersey areas.

          Here are the timings of this event. Some moderate to heavy precipitation should be in Ohio and Michigan by later tomorrow afternoon. After that, the precipitation will travel into Pennsylvania, as well as Western and Central New York, by Monday Morning. But the heavier rainfall will likely not arrive in New York and Pennsylvania until later on Monday, into Monday Night. Continuing on, the rainfall will likely be steady across Ohio and Michigan. So the summary of all of this is, the rain is back, and on the noticeable side! Have a great rest of your weekend, and stay dry everyone!

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