Saturday, September 14, 2013

7 Day Weather Forecast (Temperatures & Precipitation)

          Over the next week of weather, we will have a fall-like pattern. So lets jump right into the temperatures. In the next 2 days, an exiting though will allow temperatures to reach the upper 60's to middle 70's, obviously depending on location. By Tuesday, a reinforcing cold shot will fly down from Canada, packing more cooler temperatures, meaning highs on Tuesday will most likely only reach 70 in most locations across the northeast. By the later part of next week, a ridge will build in from the central plains, bringing warmer temperature along with it of course.

          Now I would have to say, it will only bring our temperatures back to average at best for a few days, before more cold air flows down in about 10 days. But the temperatures will be most below average in the inland portions or our region, where the through will be centered for a couple days. By the coastal regions of our region, slightly below normal temperatures to just average temperatures will be common in the next 7 days. Here is the 7 day temperature forecast comparison to normal.

          Lets jump to the precipitation side of things now. Overall, the Northeast US will see below average precipitation in the middle of it, with slightly below average precipitation on the eastern and western parts of the area. The only spots likely to see slightly above average precipitation will be the western half of Ohio. Of course, any precipitation that fall in our region will be rainfall, except maybe on Mt.Washington, but I would have to say not many people live there. The pattern will be pretty persistent for the next week, which is why there is not much to talk about in terms of rain. So here is the 7 day precipitation forecast: comparison to normal.

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