Monday, August 26, 2013

A Significant Cool Down Possible In The Long Range

          In the seven days, temperatures will generally be around average, but after that comes a chance for some fall-like air. Several troughs look to dip down from Eastern Canada, and effect the Northeast and Eastern Great Lakes in the long range. All through some troughs may not be all that intense and only effect the extreme northeast portions of our area, others will have a significant impact on our temperatures and most likely make things feel a little bit more like fall, as mentioned earlier. So lets get a little bit more in depth of what I am trying to get at.

          In the beginning of September, or to be specific around September 2nd or 3rd, and intense trough could likely stretch down into the Eastern US, bringing temperatures as cold as the middle to upper 40's to the middle 50's at night throughout the area. For the daytime highs, temperatures will likely be held to only the upper 50's and lower 60's in the northern and in the mountains regions of the northeast, to the middle to upper 60's in the southern and Piedmont locations. Now keep in mind this is still very far out, but is most likely going to occur in some way or another.

          Temperatures are much easier to predict especially in this case, rather then precipitation. The duration of this cool down is still unknown and it's possible that it won't even get this cool, but who knows, it could get even cooler.. So really be sure to stay tuned to Northeast Weather Action because this forecast is for the longer range, and many details are still in question. Here is a model hour map indicating the cooler air, produced by the most recent euro which is one of our most reliable models, as some of you may know from previous posts/forecast. Thanks for reading and have a great rest our your day or night!

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