Friday, July 12, 2013

Your Week Ahead: More Heat On The Way? Find Out!

          Over the past several days, the temperatures have just started to return back to normal, but can you guess what is next? To give you a hint, it's not what you want to hear at all. Temperatures will likely begin to rise the early parts of next week and run upward from that point. But can you guess just how hot it will get?
          This will likely be the largest heat wave yet but there is another huge factor still to disappoint you even more. The humidity will likely be back around 60 - 70% region wide making the step outside fell over 100 degrees in many locations. As far as temperatures, the range is not as big as normal or what you would come to think.

          Temperatures will likely range from the middle to upper 90's from D.C. and Philadelphia on Tuesday - Thursday or the hottest days of the heat wave. After that, lower 90's can be expected anywhere from Northern Pennsylvania to Western New York, and over to Southern New England. Lastly as far as temperatures, Northern New York and Northern New England should hit the middle to upper 80's as highs. But by next weekend the heat machine will be turned off again.

          So that is the general description for the expected high temperatures, now lets look to precipitation. You will not really have to keep an eye on the sky because only a few scattered thunderstorms is anticipated in the next 7 days. Now if you plan to have any outside events in the next week, maybe keep the radar up in the southern areas because possibly heavy showers could be around from Harrisburg to Morgantown, West Virginia to Cincinnati.

          This is your week ahead summary, mainly dry conditions with some isolated thunderstorms and possibly heavier showers in the southern tier of our area. After that, temperatures will be in the 80's and 90's region wide. Thanks for reading and stay tuned to the weather radar in the bottom left corner of the tabs! I will be back in a few days and regular posting should begin by two Sunday's from now. Have a great rest of you day and stay safe!

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