Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Heat Will Be Here Soon!

          I made a post on the possibility of summer heat impacting our region about five 5 days ago, when the probability was still very uncertain, but now the models are really indicating a powerful and long lasting heat-wave for the end of May into the start of June. Models show true summer temperates arriving around Wednesday May 29th, where temperatures in the middle 80's are everywhere from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to Albany, New York. Overall, models are showing about 5 - 10 degrees above average, but this is just at the start of the heat wave. And yes, I am calling this a heat-wave because, well just read the rest and you will definitely see why. After we get through the wimpy start of this, temperatures fly into the 80's and 90's according to the models, which are pretty confident on this solution.

          Now the real heat in this event should start around May 30 - 31. During this time period, temperatures should reach the upper 80's as far north as Syracuse, New York. Some models even show southern Pennsylvania reaching the middle 90's, and even close to 100 degrees in Virginia. But things might not get that hot, bu the possibility is there. Through this heatwave, the hot temperatures look to be nonstop, with highs constantly hitting the 90's from PA, south, and 80's from central Vermont, south. This is a major heat-wave and overall is typical for this time of year, because almost every year, sometime in late May - the middle of June, there is the first heatwave of the year here in the northeast. Also, overall, precipitation should be around average during this period, but any severe threats during this heat-wave could be bad, do to the hot temperatures that could light up these thunderstorms.

          For the end of this heat-wave, it generally looks like around June 6th - June 9th. But this is still very uncertain, just because of how far out this is, but the heatwave in general is now becoming more realistic and the probability of it is very high now. Overall, it definitely looks like everywhere in the northeast will be affected by this, as the models even show southern Maine reaching the lower 80's. So if you are wondering exactly what the models look like, or just where I am getting some of my ideas from, here are the model going from the first part of the heat-wave to the last. Keep the AC running because it will be hot. Thanks for reading, and be sure to stay tuned for any changes or updates in this forecast, as well as for any possible severe weather events during the heat-wave, along with any weather events here in the northeast, to Northeast Weather Action. Stay safe!

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