Saturday, October 19, 2013

This Week's First Flake Forecast

          Can you believe it's already late October? So now lets look back at the last two late October's as far as weather. Last year, we had Hurricane Sandy, one of the most devastating storms in weather history, and two years ago, we had a major snowstorm with areas as far south as the mason-dixon line seeing intense snows. But what is in-store for this year? There will be some wet snowflakes in areas that would normally see snow around this time of year, but we really don't know what is going to happen from the 27th through 31st.

          Generally the regions we expect to see snow this week are the mountainous areas and locations close to the lake. Obviously the parts of the northeast we expect to see the heaviest accumulations are the highest evaluations. It won't be anything big, but these snowflakes will just remind you that winter is on the way, and very soon! From there, we really don't know is going to happen, but at this point we are just going to leave this possibility of widespread snow out there, but the confidence of that is not big. Here is a map of areas that could see snow this week!

          We will continue to update you on the possibility of snow and will provide the latest snowfall forecast as we get closer to the event. Further more, don't forget to stay right here because if the newly made tradition continues, around Halloween, there will be a large snowstorm for widespread areas on the northeast. So stay right here, "Like" Northeast Weather Action on facebook, subscribe to Northeast Weather Action on YouTube. Thanks for reading and have a great rest of your day everyone!

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