Monday, June 10, 2013

Even More Rain for The Region On Thursday? Find Out Where!

          On Wednesday Night through Thursday Night, we are expecting yet another rainy encounter here in the northeast. It will be caused by a system moving WSW from the Midwest that will affect our region with heavy rain. The rainfall with this event will mainly be confined to a smaller area then the previous events we have just had. This time, the heaviest of the rainfall will be from Williamsport, PA over to Cleveland and down to D.C.. Here is a model showing the storm when it's starting to come into the northeast.

          As you can see, the rain is in one general area, though it is very heavy, especially in northern Ohio. This is at the early morning hours of Thursday. Now here is the same model indicating the precipitation moving east and even become more significant.

          The rain is really starting to ramp up in this model, as totals approach 2 inches in central Pennsylvania. The time frame for this model is around Thursday Afternoon. Now don't take these models to literal, because the highest totals could be anywhere in the region, and not just one county. Here is the last model, which is showing the storm move off-shore and affect New York and Philly with some pretty good rains.

          Overall this will be yet another 1 - 2 inch rainfall event for Ohio through Pennsylvania and into New Jersey. After that watch out for some possible severe thunderstorms that could roll though this region on Wednesday and Thursday. This is the preliminary rainfall forecast totals forecast and stay tuned to Northeast Weather Action for the updated forecast on this event as well as forecasts and outlooks on all northeast weather action.

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